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DAX FORMULAS IN POWER BI & EXCEL, DAX is the official formula language for Power Bi & Power Pivot ( In Excel )

  • DAX, has more than 200 function and counting. The rich DAX formula language includes libraries of incredible capabilities to perform computational gymnastics on your data and create powerful analytical data models.
  • The strength of Power Pivot comes from the DAX Language that can be used effectively on the Data Model to perform calculations on the data in the data tables. You can have Calculated Columns and Calculated Fields ( Measures ) defined by DAX that can be used in the Power PivotTables and Power PivotCharts.
  • In this program, you will learn about Time Intelligence and Date Tables.

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About The Trainer

Mr. Faiyaz Khairaz

( Microsoft Certified Trainer
Experience : 17+ years )

I'm ( Faiyaz M Khairaz ) an Microsoft Certified Trainer with 17+ Years of Experience.

I have been working with Power BI & DAX since 2015.

I understand the struggle of writing DAX functions, and breaking them down from the perspective of Excel, if you are an EXCEL user and have tried your hand's in DAX you exactly know what i'm saying.

I have conducted Power BI (DAX) workshops for PwC, Deloitte, Reliance to name a few corporate companies.

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Have Conducted DAX Trainings for Major Corporate Clients

Why Learn DAX with us?

  • Instructor having 17+ Years of experience in training and 5+ years in DAX
  • We start right from the core concepts of DAX and go all the way till solving Real Time Case Studies. This is an Extensive 6 weeks program only on Writing DAX formulas.
  • Each Calculation is broken down, evaluated in EXCEL for you, to understand how each formula works ( Trust me! This helps! )
  • BONUS:

    1:1 Session ( 2 Hours ) on your DATA, to get you started with writing DAX Expressions on your DATA Model, so you get started on your DATA after the program.

  • Group Session ( once a Month ) to discuss new functions and case studies in DAX. Post Workshop you are also connected to the trainer regarding queries.

Workshop Details

  • Program Start Date: 10th July 2021.
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • Training Method: Online
  • Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm / 4 Weekends
  • 25 Hours Program IN DAX + 2 Hours 1:1 Free Consultation Program in DAX
  • Installment: 7,000/- x 2 = 14,000/-
  • Full Payment: Rs 12,500/-
  • Batch Size ( MAX 12 )
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DAX is the official formula language for Power BI & Power Pivot in Excel


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PART 1: Advance Data Modelling

DAX uses your DATA MODEL ( The Relationships of your Data ), so how does the relationships work, how does the filter flow from 1 table to another.

What would happen when you can filter a single table from multiple directions?

How would Many 2 Many Relationships work on your DATA Model ?

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Part 2: Fundamentals & Core Concepts of DAX

We start right from the CORE topic of DAX, and spending over 10 hours on writing the CALCULATE & ALL Functions in DAX

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Part 3: Case Studies in DAX

We would be solving 5+ Real Time Case Studies in DAX, so give you a better understanding of how DAX is implemented.

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Part 4: 1:1 LIVE Session on your DATA

This is the BEST part of the program, where you turbo charge your Learning. We now migrate to your DATA, work on your Data Set, and get you started with writing DAX Statements on your DATA.

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Download DAX Course Content

Download DAX Course Content