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I came to COMPUFIELD, with very less english language known to me. Staff was very friendly with me and they were very co-operative.
Course : 1) Dual Diploma in Multimedia & Web Technology. 2) Diploma in Java Pro
Completion Date : 15/4/2001

Abdillahi Abdi Mohammed


I am glad I found COMPUFIELD. My profession has been enhanced within record time. COMPUFIELD is certainly the computer institute I would recommend without hesitation to anybody. Tutors are open, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Mr. Khairaz himself is a great listner who understands individual needs of students. All this is garnished with the ever astonishing hospitality by Mrs Khairaz.
Courses : 1) Diploma in Web Designing & Digital Marketing. 2) C & C++ 3) Diploma in Java Pro
Completion Date : 19/05/2001

Chedza Molefe


I really enjoyed at COMPUFIELD. Working atmosphere is really good and the faculties are having good experience.
Course : Adobe Premier & 3D Studio Max
Completion Date : 24/05/2001

Vinod Soni


I am Working in CRISP, Bhopal. I had completed Adobe Premier & 3D Studio Max from COMPUFIELD-Mumbai. In my opinion no Computer Institute is better than COMPUFIELD, all faculty members is really excellent.
Course : Adobe Premiere & 3D Studio Max
Completion Date : 24/05/2001

Sandeep Somnath


I have enjoyed studying at COMPUFIELD. Tutors have willingly devoted their time and have been very supportive throughout the learning process.The studying environment have been very conductive. I have also enjoyed my course at COMPUFIELD due to the oppurtunityof meeting other fellow students. Through this we have been able to share information and ideas.Coming to COMPUFIELD has also given me the oppurtunity to meet other students from all over the world. I would recommend COMPUFIELD to anyone who wishes to their career in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

Course : 1) C & C++ 2) Diploma in Java Pro

Completion Date : 25/05/2001

Mariella Tressel


I have gained great knowledge in all my subjects, especially the designing courses which are excellent. The teaching style is unique and the teachers are dedicated. The knowledge i have gained here will really change my life, I recommend COMPUFIELD to anyone starting a career in computers.
Course : 1) Diploma in E-Commerce. 2) Dual Diploma in Multimedia & Web Technology.
Completion Date :26/05/2001

Neville Kalebi


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