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Amrit is a blessing from the Guru, which saves a person from the cycle of births and deaths.
The Satguru's greatest blessing is the sweet Amrit and Karah Parshaad. By receiving Amrit prepared with the Khanda, a person is reborn.

All differences of race, caste, colour, gender and wealth are removed. The Panj Piaré having been beheaded by the Satguru and then made whole again with Waheguru's power, received the Amrit from same iron bowl. After having done this, the Satguru himself took Amrit from the Panj Piaré.

From that day onwards, Amrit has only been prepared and bestowed by Panj Piaré and never by one or two Singhs. Without taking Amrit, a person can not belong to the Guru. The Guru has said that, even saying the name of a person who does not belong to the Guru is bad.

Once a girl or boy has perfected his/her rehat, then they must take Amrit. Having taken Amrit, the boy or girl must bear in mind that they can not marry a non-Amritdhaari . Similarly, if a person is already married when he/she takes Amrit, and the husband or wife has not taken Amrit, the should can not have a sexual relationship until both become Amritdhaari. If the couple, have sexual intercourse, they have both broken their rehat just as a clean pot becomes dirty if it touches a dirty one. A husband and wife should take Amrit together, and thus keep their rehat intact. It is not sufficient, for just the husband OR wife to take Amrit upon marriage.

Amrit Sanskaar
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