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When the child is of an age where he /she is able to learn t read and write, he/she should be enrolled in a school. The school or college should be one in which the child should be able to practice his or her rehat.
Knowledge is of 2 kinds:
a) Temporal;
b) Spiritual.

Without Brahm Vidya, all else is useless. It will not allow you to fulfil the purpose of life, but rather it will increase your pride and ego and tie you down with chain of births and deaths.

Gurmukhi and Gurbaani should be learnt from a practising Sikh and not a non-Amritdhari. Your mind will stay on the path of gurmat if you learn Gurbaani from a Singh who is an expert in it.

The child should not be allowed to fall into the bad company or habits i.e. watching bad films, TV or websites, listening to bad music, gambling, swearing or theft.

A mother should lead a good, 'dharmic', lifestyle, in particular by reciting the Nitném daily and visiting the Gurdwaraa, accompanied by her child, in order to listen kirtan and katha.

The child should be told, and learn, the life stories of the Guru's, the martyrs, hero's and saints so that he/she too will be able to lead a truthful life.
The knowledge gained as a child provides a solid foundation for the rest of one's life.

Knowledge Sanskaar
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