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What is Google Adwords?

Google adwords is an advertising platform that allows users to show ads to customers who are actively searching for those products and services on the Digital Platform. This pay per click platform enables marketers to reach out to the right person at the right time and increase their Sales. There are different types of ads that are available on Google adwords which gives advertisers the flexibility of choosing an ad type depending on their products and the target audience.

Why is it important to invest in Adwords ads ?

In today’s times people do not spend time searching over different pages to look for information. They simply make a search query on google and from the first few results they choose something that meets their requirement. Hence for visibility purposes its essential for every business house big and small to invest some amount in Google Adwords.

Google Adwords Course Content :

Module 1-Getting to Know AdWords

1. Dissecting online advertising
2. Understanding pay-per-click advertising
3. Valuing the benefits of AdWords
4. Understanding AdWords ad types
5. Understanding where ads show up

Module 2-Getting Started

1. Creating your account
2. Exploring the AdWords account structure
3. Organizing campaigns and ad groups
4. Learning the interface

Module 3-Researching Keywords

1. Valuing keyword research
2. Understanding keyword match types
3. Using negative keywords
4. Evaluating a keyword
5. Using the Keyword Planner tool

Module 4-Tracking Ad Performance

1. Defining conversions
2. Using AdWords Conversion Tracking
3. Installing Conversion Tracking code
4. Using website call conversions NEW
5. Linking Google Analytics to AdWords

Module 5-Optimizing for Performance

1. Measuring return on investment (ROI)
2. Enabling and finding conversion metrics
3. Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
4. Using the Conversion Optimizer
5. Testing your ads with split tests
6. Understanding the balance between performance and volume.

Module 6-Creating Your First Search Campaign

1. Creating a new campaign
2. Targeting locations and languages
3. Setting your bidding strategy and budget
4. Setting your delivery and advanced settings
5. Using ad extensions
6. Using callout extensions NEW

Module 7-Creating Your First Ad Group

1. Writing effective text ads
2. Creating a new ad group
3. Working with additional ad groups
4. Using bid adjustments

Module 8-Understanding Quality Score

1. Understanding the AdWords auction
2. Understanding Quality Score
3. Identifying Quality Score issues

Module 9-Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns

1. Understanding remarketing in AdWords
2. Creating a remarketing list
3. Using display formats
4. Creating a remarketing campaign

Module 10-Leveraging Video Advertising

1. Understanding video ads
2. Using YouTube TrueView formats
3. Creating a video campaign
4. Reading video campaign reports
Who should learn Google Adwords ?

An adwords course is an ideal investment for any marketing professional, MBA student or an entrepreneur. For an entrepreneur they can promote their own business or brand while marketing professionals as well as MBA students can create targeted adwords ads for the organisation that they are working for or interning for.

What is the duration of the course ?

The Duration of the Adwords course is approx 15 sessions which is equal to approx 15 hours of practical hands on training. The timing of the training can be chosen by the student. On an average most students take 2-3 weeks to complete a Certificate program in Google Adwords.

Are running adwords ads expensive ?

Adwords ads are not expensive in fact they are cheaper than most forms of outdoor advertising like billboards and hoarding with an added advantage of tailoring the audience as per your requirement. You can begin with an initial budget of as small as rupees five hundred when you begin with your campaigns.

Do I need a website to run ads on Google Adwords ?

Yes a website is important to run adwords ads since when a potential customer clicks on an ad they would need a landing page where the customer should be directed to for more information about the product and services. Your online ads will link to this site, once they enter your site via this ad they can probe deeper into other products and services that you offer.

Is this program certified by Google ?

Yes this is a certified program by Compufield and we will be providing you with adequate training to clear the Google exam for Search , Display , Video , Shopping , Mobile and Remarketing Certification.
So in this manner you are not only certified by our institute but also certified by Google as well.

Google Adwords Course Fee
Course Duration Course Fees Fees (US $)
20 sessions
(Only weekend option also Available)
11,000/- $ 285