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Wordpress is a Content Management system, empowered by PHP & Mysql which is used to create websites. WordPress is capable of creating varied web layouts depending on the requirement of the user, from simple blogs to complex business websites.

WordPress Course Content :
  1. What Is Wordpress?
    1. Basics & Fundamentals of WordPress
    2. Domain names and website hosting
    3. Choosing a domain name
    4. Setting up a domain name URL
    5. Setting up website hosting & email
  2. WordPress First look
    1. First look at WordPress
    2. WordPress Dashboard
    3. Websites vs. Blogs
    4. Post vs. pages
    5. WordPress themes
    6. WordPress plug-ins
    7. WordPress widgets
  3. Creating Pages
    1. Creating a new page
    2. Using the WordPress toolbar
    3. Working in Full Screen
    4. Pasting from Word
    5. Formatting text
    6. Using Headers
    7. Removing formatting
    8. Previewing your page
    9. Draft vs. publishing
    10. Editing exiting pages
    11. Deleting pages
  4. Images & WordPress
    1. Uploading images
    2. The Image Library
    3. Deleting images from the Image Library
    4. Inserting images into a page or post
    5. Customising images
    6. Resizing images
    7. Alternative Text
    8. Deleting images
    9. Featured images
  5. Managing Links
    1. Adding internal text links
    2. Adding external text links
    3. Linking from images
    4. Uploading documents
    5. Linking to file downloads
  6. Youtube Videos & WordPress
    1. Simple automatic video embedding
    2. Embedding a YouTube video into a page or post
  1. Creating a New Blog Posts?
    1. The difference between posts and pages
    2. Creating a blog within your WordPress website
    3. Text & image formatting in a post
    4. Categories & Tags
    5. Creating and using categories
    6. Creating and using tags
    7. Managing comments in WordPress
    8. Changing comment settings
    9. Managing comments
  2. Wordpress Widgets
    1. What are widgets?
    2. The Widget area
    3. Using installed widgets
  3. Wordpress Themes
    1. Free & premium themes?
    2. How to find a WordPress theme
    3. Installing and activating a Free WordPress theme
    4. Working with a PAID Theme
    5. Installing and activating a PAID WordPress theme
    6. Exploring theme options
  4. Plugins
    1. Installing plug-ins
    2. Some recommended plug-ins for WordPress websites
    3. Must have SEO plugins
    4. Slider Plugins
    5. Sliders for pages, posts and pictures
    6. Installing a slider plugin
    7. Customising sliders
    8. Contact Form Plugins
    9. Using Form plugins
  5. WordPress menus
    1. Setting up and customizing a menu system
    2. Installing a Paid Menu Plugin
    3. Creating user-friendly permalinks
  6. Speeding Up Your WordPress
    1. Speed Test Tools
    2. Image Optimization
    3. Optimizing Homepage
    4. W3 Total Cache
Do I need to know Html and Dreamweaver to learn Wordpress?

Knowledge of HTML and Dreamweaver is not compulsory while learning Wordpress. However an understanding of HTML & CSS will definitely aid the learning process.

What is the Duration of the Wordpress Course?

The Duration of the Wordpress could is approx 20 sessions which is equivalent to approx 20 hours. A student studying regularily could also complete the course within 2 weeks.
( Flexible timing options are provided as well )

Is there any prior requirements for learning Wordpress?

No there is no prior knowledge requirement while learning Wordpress since we begin right from the basics of buying a Domain name and Web Space and then process towards the design aspects of template selection and customisation.

Which other course can I enroll for along with Wordpress to accelerate my usage of this CMS?

Along with Wordpress there are alot of permutation and combinations which will enable you to have an enriched learning experience.

For example an Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing will enable you to Digitally promote the website which you have designed so that the website gets indexed by Google and appears for relevant search queries.

Training in Graphic Designing will enable you to create your own logos and creatives for the website so that your website will have unique and authentic images being added to their Website.

SEO would also be useful since the content on your website would then be rich in Keywords and the content would adhere to Googles standards since by then you would be well acquainted with the different algorithms of Google.

Who should learn Wordpress?

The answer to this question relies heavily on the above query because Wordpress is an ideal course for Graphic Designers since they can learn to design website as well as apply for jobs as Graphics and Web Designers. The logos and images of the website can also be designed and edited by them.

Digital Marketers can also add another skill to their existing skills of digital marketing where they can not only promote website and blogs but also create them from scratch.

SEO specialists could also learn Wordpress since it will enable them to create websites as well as curate SEO friendly content for the website enabling better conversions and ROI.

WordPress Course Fee
Course Duration Course Fees Fees (US $)
20 sessions
(Only weekend option also Available)
8,500/- $ 245