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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your brand or products on the different social media platforms, inorder to get more engagement and interactions from your audiences. The Social Media Marketing Course incorporates all the elements related to the different social media platforms and the process of establishing a brand/ product or service successfully on social platforms. Creating twitter/ Linkedln/ Facebook ads , remarketing , monetisation of a youtube channel, using Google My business are some of the key topics in the Social Media Training program.

Social Media Marketing Course Content :

Facebook Marketing

  1. Introduction of Facebook
  2. How to create a successful Facebook business page
  3. Increase brand visibility
  4. Facebook Boost post
  5. Facebook Tabs
  6. Facebook Creator Studio
  7. Facebook Monetization
  8. Understanding the Facebook Pixel
  9. How to create different type of custom Audience.
  10. How to promote Facebook pages
  11. How to create Facebook Ad Campaign.
  12. 3 Major Components of a Facebook Campaign.
  13. Why Bidding is Important.
  14. Facebook Analytics

Marketing on Google My Business

  1. Getting listed on Google My Business
  2. Verifying your Account
  3. Understanding the Interface of Google My Business
  4. Benefits of Using Google My Business
  5. Creating Post/Offers on Google My Business
  6. Expanding your presence on Google My Business
  7. Managing your Business information for Google users
  8. Interact with customers
  9. Study insights on how customers searched for your business
  10. Read and respond to reviews from your customers

Marketing On Twitter

  1. Introduction to Microblogging & Twitter
  2. Twitter Demographics
  3. Use for ORM, Promotion, Sales, Listening & Research
  4. Whom to follow
  5. Tweet Deck
  6. Twitter Cards
  7. Tweeting (Responding to others, RT, Hashtags, Direct Messages)
  8. Tracking Code
  9. Twitter Account Promotion
  10. Searching tweets and users

Instagram Marketing

  1. What is Instagram and why to use it?
  2. Making Profile and Understanding Tools for Instagram
  3. Profile Creation with Excellent Bio Ideas
  4. Creating a Business Profile
  5. Understanding Instagram Analytics
  6. Embedding Instagram Profile on your Website
  7. Everything you need to know to market your brand on Instagram
  8. Instagram Assignments
  9. Use of Hashtags

Marketing On Pinterest

  1. Why use Pinterest
  2. Inbound marketing methodology
  3. Pinterest Tools
  4. Pinterest for Business
  5. Set up your business account on Pinterest
  6. Add the Pinterest Follow Button
  7. Create boards that reflect your business
  8. Engage with your audience
  9. Integrate your website with your Pinterest account
  10. Grow your followers and influence on Pinterest
  11. Get more traffic back to your site from Pinterest
  12. Increase your leads and sales using Pinterest
  13. Analyze Your Data

Marketing on LinkedIn

  1. Create an impactful profile on LinkedIn
  2. Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively
  3. Basic tools of Linkedin
  4. Enhanced your Career opportunity via LinkedIn
  5. Creation of a Company Page for your Business
  6. Getting Recommendations / Endorsemnet on your skillset
  7. Setting up your Work Profile
  8. Creating Linkedin Ads
  9. Adding Audience, Budgets and Bids
  10. Slideshare: Discover, Share, and Present presentations and infographics with the world's largest professional content sharing community.

Marketing on YouTube

  1. Online video - content is king
  2. YouTube Channel
  3. Creating and managing an account
  4. YouTube Creator Studio
  5. Video Editing settings
  6. Defining your goals, metrics and budgets
  7. Getting an audience
  8. YouTube analytics
  9. Using Ads inside Videos
  10. Promoting YouTube Videos
  11. Youtube Monetization
Why should i Promote my product or Brand on Social Media ?

Today everyone is really active on social media platforms ie. your audience is present on social media hence it is imperative for brands to engage with their customers on these platforms. Research says that on an average, humans spend 142 mins per day on Social media platforms.

What is the duration of the Social Media Course ?

The duration of the Social Media marketing course is approx. 2 weeks on an average ( ie. 20 sessions = 20 hours ) FastTrack as well as Weekend sessions are available.

Who should enroll for this program ?

This program is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to promote their business on social media platforms. Bloggers / Youtubers could also enroll for this program to enable their blogs/ channel to have a fruitful digital presence and drive more traffic and engagement from their audience. Students who would like to work as Freelancers and wish to explore the business aspects of the different social media platforms.

Is there any pre-requisite to learn this course ?

There is no pre-requisite to learn this course. We begin right from the basics and also teach the students basics of HTML which will enble them to understand the structure of web pages while copy pasting codes for Twitter , Pinterest as well as Facebook. Designing of creatives/ Infographics is also included as a module.

Is it a Certified Course ?

Yes this is a Certified Course, we also give adequate training so that students can successfully complete their Youtube certification as well. So the students are certified by Compufield as well as Youtube.

Which other course could I invest in to make my learning more fruitful ?

The Social media marketing Course is just one of the aspects of the Digital Marketing program , as you may also refer to it as the tip of the iceberg. Enrolling for the entire Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing will enable students / professionals to promote their products and services on social media platforms , create newsletters , analyse insights , carefully study website traffic , run campaigns for Google Adwords as well as leverage the multiple facets of internet marketing and promotion.

Social Media Training In Mumbai - Student Reviews :
Course Fee
Course Duration Course Fees Fees (US $)
2-3 weeks
(Only weekend option also Available)
11,000/- $ 285