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The course which I undertook was very interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge on how to draw & paint on computers was very satisfied with the teachers who helped me throughout the course. The atmosphere here is quite friendly & homely and time adjusting.
Courses : Digital Graphics
Completion Date : 14/12/02

Sarla Mittal


It was definetely a wonderful experience studying at this institute with such a friendly atmosphere, proper support and guidance from faculty member & staff.
Courses : Diploma Interior Designing
Completion Date : 17/10/02

Shabbir M. Plumber


It was really good being here coz the training is up to a very professional level. Fundamentals are made very clear through exercise. Basic concepts are taught & stress is laid on it. The instructors are really very helpful and co operative & patient. Also the timings are very flexible & suit the schedule very well. And the most important thing being that one will be confident enough to work anywhere after coming out from this institute.
Courses : Jewellery Designing
Completion Date : 13/12/02

Shilpa Mittal


The course was extensive. All the basic knowledge needed about computers was imparted to me with excellent practical training & the exercise sufficed it. The faculty also was very co-operative & could get through in teaching all info about computers very smoothly. At the end of the course, the result was much more than satisfactory and I have all attained possible basic computer knowledge which can be put to practical effective use.
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 20/06/02

Shweta Agarwal


It was a great experience in my life. Before coming to Compufield my knowledge was very limited in jewelcad, but now I have full confidence. All staff of Compufield are very co-operative.
Courses : Jewelcad
Completion Date : 27/10/02

Mohd. Siddiquee Mohiuddin


It was very interesting and very nice. I liked the course very much. Doing the course at compufield very homely atmosphere. It was happy doing the course. Communication between teachers and student are excellent.
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 05/10/02

Radhika M. R.


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