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I had a great time at Compufield. The facilities out here were beyond my expectations. I learned many new concepts here. I have gained a lot of confidence from my courses. After coming to Compufield, I am now confident enough to handle any opportunity given to me. All together I would like to say that "Compufield is the best institute in India" Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Khairaz for their support.
Courses : Web Publishing
Completion Date : 25/10/2001

Shabbir Hussain

(Saudi Arabia)

Overall the course is good and interesting. Exercises were very good and it gave me practical experience. Overall I was satisfied with the institute.
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 27/10/2001

Payal S. Jain


Started learning Computers from scratch & with a lot of apprechention. Found the atmosphere at "Compufield" to be V. Student Friendly & Condusive to learning. Shall always be greatful to my teacher for putting me on the right tract with Computers.
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 27/10/2001

Villie N. Bamboat


I had heard about Compufield from few friends and I must say that I was very specifically about it after visiting few schools before. But I must say that this course was a wonderful experience for me. My instructor was very professional. If you feel that he knows the software backwards, the course was constructed in a very easy, logical way. Compufield is a very friendly place, I felt very comfortable coming here everyday. I am sure I will take some more courses in the future, as the experience was very good.
Courses : Flash
Completion Date : 08/11/2001

Maya Eckstein


The first thing that struck me was the kindly atmosphere. Plus, I could choose the timings according to my convenience and the course was very complimented by the quality of staff. The teaching & method was very much conducive effective learning. All in all, had a good time!
Courses : C Programming
Completion Date : 12/11/2001

Abhijit Bhave


I was very impressed by the designing techniques showed to me in photoshop. It has helped me develop award winning sites in less than 2 year of training. The courses were multimedia in all software. The working environment was very friendly and comfortable. The staff were very friendly in accommodating me at my convenience. I have almost 20 to 22 site designed & developed by me online.
Courses : Web Designing & Digital Marketing
Completion Date : 15/6/1998

Deepal Sanghvi


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