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The course proved far more interesting than I first thought. Excel is very useful software and will help me a lot both in college and in work itself. I now have a good working knowledge of excel and could apply it many different fields. The teaching staff was very efficient and understanding. I look forward to taking more courses at Compufield.
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 14/08/02

Cyrus Patel


It was fun coming back to Compufield and learning this course. I'm looking forward to come here once again to learn further in the graphics-designing field.
Courses : Dual Diploma in Web Technology & Multimedia
Completion Date : 23/08/02

Saumil Mody


Fashion Designing, that's the course I studied, I really enjoyed doing this course. I got to learn new skills and ways of creating and drawing clothes. At first it was really hard, but as I got used to the program etc my life became very easy. Now I have the ability to do as I like with which ever model I want, I'm the kind of person who likes to talk to people. I hate staying quiet, so this place for me was perfect as I got to know new people and the faculty too is just great to be around and talk to
Courses : Fashion Designing
Completion Date : 23/08/02

Ruchi Mehta


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