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It was great fun learning here. The Instructors are well experienced and gained the maximum out of it. It was like a family environment.
Courses : C,C++, Javascript and Web Designing.
Completion Date : 20/09/2001

Musadique Kaz


I have enjoyed myself here. While staying here I gained many new concepts of the technology. The staff has been kind and friendly, It has enabled me to use new software, where it will help me to enhance my progression for my career path within Interactive Multimedia. Thanks again COMPUFIELD.
Courses : Dual Diploma in Multimedia and Web Technology.
Completion Date : 24/09/2001

Harjinder Singh Gosal


I was very happy with what I learnt. The faculty was good and very co-operative, they were strict at times but otherwise quite helpful. I was very very glad that I joined computers here at COMPUFIELD.
Courses : Office Automation.
Completion Date : 27/09/2001

Swati Mahansaria


The institute was quite homely and the teaching was quite good. The teachers and the staff was quite appreciable to learn with. The training also covered lots of topics. Hope to visit the institute back after few years. Would like the institute to expand broadly and globally.
Courses : Dual Diploma and Networking.
Completion Date : 28/9/2001

Rahul K. Pandit


It was a nice time learning the course, I learned new things and it gave me a new experience.
Courses : Web Publishing
Completion Date : 29/6/2001

Ankit Gada


It was a good learing experience out here ! Co-opertive staff and tutors !
Courses : Flash
Completion Date : 17/8/2001

Purna Ganahi


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