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It was a wonderful experience in Compufield. It was interesting and exciting to learn new things. I enjoyed my learning process. The atmosphere was wonderful. I enjoyed my work with all of them and they were friendly.
Courses : Diploma in Office Automation
Completion Date : 16/06/02

Shah Mitesh Kirtikant


The course was good and I enjoyed it.
Courses : Kids course
Completion Date : 17/06/02

Bijal Sheth


Learning at Compufield was a pleasurable experience. The gradual process of comprehending makes working on the computer easier & builds confidence towards computer aided design. As every job today demands its respective software application this computer knowledge is imperative & I'm glad I gained it at Compufield. I'm positive it will help towards bettering my job prospects & my own efficiency towards my work
Courses : Diploma in Fashion Designing
Completion Date : 18/06/02

Pooja Bhartiya


The contents of the C & C++ course are very well designed. The concepts were nicely explained and doubts were cleared. The brain storming session was great too. The management and teachers are friendly and ready to help. Thus it can be seen that institute does not only see to it that you can learn what you wish to but also it sees to it you do it according to your capability. Also the concept of teaching a student for number of sessions for which he is comfortable is a good one and work well too. I thank the management & teacher over here from the depth of my heart, for the good time I had over here. Keep up the good work
Courses : C & C++
Completion Date : 19/06/02

Fuggawala M. Amin


Everything was good.
Courses : Certificate in Office Automation
Completion Date : 27/06/02

Hemal Shringla


My objective for the course was for my work. It was good to finish the course in quick time.
Courses : Certificate in Office Automation
Completion Date : 29/06/02

Prashant Bhojwani


Very pleasing and perfect environment to study. Everyone being helpful in all ways. Keep it up. Very great thanks to everyone including my teachers.
Courses : 'C & C++' VB, Oracle, HTML, Javascript
Completion Date : 29/06/02

Yahya Bismillah


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