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Achala Bhuwalka, Course-"M/S Office", Country-"India"
Achala Bhuwalka (India)

 Comments: Teachers are forever ready to help, which made   learning  very interesting and nice atmosphere. I hope to come back   soon to  COMPUFIELD for another course. Thank you so much!
 Course: M/S Office
 Completion date: 02/09/2003

Abuzer Merchant, Course-"Architectural Designing", Country-"India"
Abuzer Merchant (India)
 Comments: This institute made me able to learn AutoCAD and 3D  Max  on a very professional level. All thanks to my faculty and the  friendly  atmosphere.
 Course: Diploma in Architectural Designing
 Completion date: 06/09/2003
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Imran Sayed, Course-"Hardware", Country-"India"
Imran Sayed (India)

 Comments: Your course helpful for the students to understand an   easily  get in the field of computer. Its helpful to understand what   computer is.  I enjoyed learning in COMPUFIELD.
 Course: Computer Hardware
 Completion date: 28/08/2003

Noormohamed Kalandei, Course-"Web Publishing and Web Designing", Country-"USA"
Noormohamed Kalandei

 Comments: It was a very good experience educating my self in   COMPUFIELD. I am a U.S resident and I have always taken I.T.   course in  India during vacation. I have done CCNA, ORACLE from   different  institute, but COMPUFIELD is the ultimate in my opinion.   They take the  time and don't rush the student to complete the   course fast, like how  other institute will do. I plan to come back   and take more courses with  them like MAYA, SOUNDFORGE, 3D   STUDIO  MAX. I have and I will always  recommend this institute to   anyone.  THE FACULTY IS JUST GREAT.
 Course: Web Publishing and Web Designing
 Completion date: 20/08/2003

Mihir Mayani, Course-"Web Designing", Country-"India"
Mihir Mayani

 Comments: The course was excellent and it was really good fun   learning at COMPUFIELD. The instructor was also excellent and   taught  me in friendly manner. I love to come back to learn the   courses.
 Faculty has been thorough, help when we didn't understand despite   teaching 3-4 times. They were really excellent. I love to learn with   them  again.
 Course: Web Designing.
 Completion date: 20/08/2003

Ria Chpora, Course-"Web Designing", Country-"India"
Ria Chpora

 Comments: Good place for learning computer. Atmosphere was   nice. The exercise was good and I enjoyed them. I will rejoin and   recommend to others.
 Course: Web Designing.
 Completion date: 30/08/2003

Binu Mansukhani, Course-"Flash", Country-"India"
Binu Mansukhani
 Comments: The course was very well conducted and the teachers  were extremely practical! On the whole our enriching experience and   i hope to join some more  courses with this institute in the future.
 Course: Flash
 Completion date: 09/09/2003
Y.S.Chaubal, Course-"Multimedia", Country-"UK"
(United Kindom)

 Comments: Apt course, interesting exercises, healthy atmosphere   the place you love to come back for more interesting work.
 Be it photoshop, director or premiere etc. The space which wider   your horizon in the world of Art, media and film managing. The way   its planned designed and handled in COMPUFIELD "Apt" with well   adverse, matriculate and amazing tutors makes the place "Perfect"
 We say you never get enough of one thing and that's "COMPUFIELD" 
 Course: Multimedia
 Completion date: 05/09/2003

Bhavin Kanavia, Course-"M/S Office Automation", Country-"India"
Bhavin Kanavia
 Comments: This is good institute. I will join in future for more  courses. The atmosphere was good. The exercises were good. I will  recommend COMPUFIELD to my friends for computer course.
M/S Office Automation
 Completion date:
Hameed Sheriff, Course-"Tally & Photoshop", Country-"Tanzania"
Hameed Sheriff
 Comments: Course layout: very comprehensive.
 Regarding other courses: with the varity of courses available, it is a  place worth advicing friends and relative for computer study.
 Staff: very friendly of competant.
Tally & Photoshop
 Completion date:
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