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I enjoyed doing the classes at Compufield. The teachers teaching were also very good and their explanation also. I have good comments of Compufield.
Courses : CorelDRAW and Animation
Completion Date : 15/09/2001

Priyal Morkhia


Very good it helped me alot and I could learn better since I was taught at 1 to 1 basis.
Courses : Diploma in Fashion Designing
Completion Date : 25/09/01

Aiman Chunawala


I liked 1:1 teaching style flexible timings and fixing ones own schedule is very convenient
Course: Adobe Illustrator

Gazala Vahanvati


The course encourages you to discover more about computer and their application. The flexible timing as per customers need were well taken care of. There was a very warm friendly atmosphere that made learning fun.
Course:Office Automation
Completion Date:15/12/2001

Dr.Eric F Mirza


Good teaching and a good learning environment and software are good to updated teachers are good and professional. Confidence of working anywhere learnt software Professionally and in detail Professional Course and Professional Project.
Course: Web Designing
Completion Date:06/02/2002

Kersi Dara Kadva


:I must say this is very professional course with professional projects. All the exercises are taught step by step which is great. Thus, giving me the confidence of working anywhere. Compufield has a very friendly and good atmosphere, which makes learning even more fun. Since I have my own business Compufield gives me the advantage of having convenient timings which is really great on the whole I must say it was a great experience learning at Compufield and I thank all the staff here and I will surely come back again to learn more.
Course: Diploma in Commercial Arts, Animation and Multimedia
Completion Date:06/02/2002


Teachers were friendly and atmosphere was good, convenient timings were given to students. Compufield students are given a lot of confidence while doing the course. East or West Compufield is the Best.
Course: Digital Art
Completion Date: 15/02/2001

Ronish Morakhia


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