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I was very happy to join the course at compufield. I really enjoyed doing the course. I hope I would benefit from this course for my job. All the doubts that I had before joining the course were cleared. I really thanks everyone at the institute.
Courses : Hardware
Completion Date : 15/09/02

Parag M. Kadam


It was a great experience learning at Compufield. It has helped me learn a lot about the courses. The best part is the friendly environment created by everyone. Before coming here my knowledge about computer was nil. Learning here was as if learning at home. The staff is also very co-operative. The best of all are the faculties. The first computer institute that came up to my expectation, would like to thank all my teachers.
Courses : Multimedia & Digital Marketing
Completion Date : 28/11/02

Payal Shah


The course did help me to clear my basic fundamentals. The trainer was good enough to clear all my queries & question. In other words faculty were great.
Courses : Linux, CCNA
Completion Date : 17/09/02

Parvin Shetty


Better computer insitution than any other that I have been to great after course by adding us to MSN Messenger /Yahoo messenger for our queries (if any) Timing can be adjusted well in co-ordination with the instrutor. This is very useful.
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 14/10/02

Priyam Mehta


Joining Compufield made me go back to my school days, where the teaching environment was always supportive. My teacher of Compufield always helped me out in getting to perfection of my aim. I thank all my teacher’s and staff of Compufield For their full support and their teachings.
Courses : Photoshop & 3D Max
Completion Date : 08/08/02

Mohd. Imran


I liked the course very much. It was very interesting. It was very nice doing the course at Compufield very homely atmosphere. I was happy doing the course. Communication between teacher and students are excellent
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 05/10/02

Radhika M. R.


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