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I really enjoyed learning. They were very co operative and ready to help at anytime. The good part was that the timing was very flexible and it was very homely atmosphere.
Courses : Certificate in Office Automation
Completion Date : 13/12/02

Sujata Vaswani


Good course, good instructors, need more faculty though very co-operative & patient faculty. They give enough time to learn and do the projects. Never in a hurry or rush to finish. Very friendly atmosphere in the class, making it a better place to learn.
Courses : Dipoma in Jewellery Designing
Completion Date : 17/05/02

Tanvi Jhaveri


I have attended the VB course in my country before. But the knowledge about VB program was still unclear. After a few weeks studied the same course in Compufield, my VB knowledge was cleared and can go through more advances VB too. Unfortunately some more advanced VB topic is not covered because of the time. Study in Compufield is more relax even if you are the foreigner first time visit it India. It is because all the staff and teacher here are so friendly.
Courses : Visual Basic, Advance VB, HTML
Completion Date : 25/09/02

Teo Cheng Huat


Professional this institute is highly qualified. I basically like the exercise part because it becomes easier for students part by part what you have understood, such facility I have not found in other institute. I have confidence of working anywhere because this institute not only trained the student in program but also they make sure that you become so much confident about the program that you can work on any field of computers. This place gives really a friendly background to study. It does not create any bad relation between student & tutor. It also helped me accordingly to my convenient time & whenever I was not able to come they have always adjusted with it.
Courses : Office Automation
Completion Date : 25/08/02

Yasmin Nathani


Instructors are well versed with the subject extremely helpful to the students & their queries. The course coveres a whole lot of requierments for the Jewellery designing profession & the projects are very helpful for good pratice.
Courses : Jewellery Designing
Completion Date : 10/01/03

Priyashree Gain


I enjoyed this course as I have interest InDesigning and creating my own design and ideas. Teachers are very friendly and helping. My teacher helped me a lot during the course. Compufield has a very nice atmosphere. Now I wish to start something of own with Jewellery design this course has helped me alot and hope to use it soon.
Courses : Diploma Jewellery Designing
Completion Date : 04/01/03

Nikita Shah


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