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This was my second course here in COMPUFIELD. It was a great experience with good teachers, friendly and warm atmosphere. The courses were very well explained and the exercises were very interesting especially the photoshop exercise. I will be back soon to learn something new.
Courses : CorelDraw and Photoshop.
Completion Date : June 2003.

Amrita Todi


I had nice time during the course! The staff is extremely helpful and very friendly. Exercises are very helpful!
Courses : Diploma in Interior Designing.
Completion Date : 07/06/2003.

Ruchika Taparia


I enjoyed doing my CorelDraw & Photoshop over here. The staff is good & compromising. This course will go ahead to help me in commercial art that I am currently studying. The atmosphere was really cool & informal. I made a lot of friends through my course over here. My instructors are good and helpful.
Courses : Digital Graphics.
Completion Date :4/04/2003.

Ruchi Shah


This course has been very interesting and I have gained a lot of knowledge about computers after doing this course. The atmosphere further helped me to do the course. The instructors have been very helpful and encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course.
Courses : CorelDraw and Photoshop.
Completion Date : 05/06/2003.

Kavisa M Mehta


All the tools that I have learned are helpful. It will extremely help me to do my presentation better! This individual focus method while teaching is definitely better then the general method. I would remember COMPUFIELD any day!
Courses : MS Office Automation.
Completion Date : 14/08/2003.

Laya Agarwala


The course was very informative. The knowledge (theory & practical) impaled to us in just 3 days was more than sufficient. Now I know quite a lot about the H/W associated wit PCs and it definitely made more confident as far as trouble shooting (in particular) is concerned! Thank you.
Courses : Computer Hardware.
Completion Date : 03/08/2003.

Naheed Choonawala


Overall the course was very beneficial, helpful in making the concept clearer. The faculty was very helpful. Every hour we learnt something new and discussions were also the part of lecture. Hope this will help a lot in future.
Courses : Computer Hardware.
Completion Date : 03/08/2003.

Mohd Hanif A Merchant


I arrange the course via the Internet from the US and date was fixed. When I visited COMPUFIELD and met the owner and was given date and time. The practical course about computers was detailed & easy to do course that night I read the manual & the next day my question was answered. The networking course was well presented. I will return to take other course Flash and MCSE. Thank you
Courses : A + Certification
Completion Date : 11/08/2003.

Archie R Scott


My faculty was very good. Exercises are also good. May be I come next time for another course. The atmosphere was good
Courses : Computer Graphic and 2D Animation.
Completion Date : 13/082003.

Devina Khimji


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