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It has been a wonderful experience studying with Compufield. I was very happy with the guidance I received and I am sure it will be very useful for me in future.
Course: C & C++
Completion Date: 06/04/2002



Instructors are good and atmosphere is also very good. Instructors are helpful and Co-operative. This institution is good.
Course: Diploma in Jewellery Designing, Flash
Completion Date: 14/02/2002

Urmila Srivastav


This Course has been very helpful to me .The training was very professional with regular tests. The faculty is friendly I will also be doing more courses here and I shall recommend this courses to my friend.
Course: Hardware
Completion Date: 14/04/2002

Siddarth R Mirchandani


The idea of doing exercises on your own is an excellent idea, as it automatically tests the students. Step by step exercises are also very helpful as it helps you remember what you have learnt. Students definitely gain confidence to work anywhere if they have paid attention and want a benefit from the course .The atmosphere is friendly and calm. Choosing your timings is an added advantage along with style of training.
Course:Office Automation
Completion Date: 15/04/2002

Taskeen Hamid


I feel professionally trained by Compufield, flexibility of timings, hardworking as well as friendly faculty and attention paid by the teachers at Compufield make it shine out among other institutes. In computer language it is absolutely customer friendly and not at all money oriented. I see a bright future for Compufield and also for attending it.
Course: Office Automation
Completion Date: 15/04/2002

Bharat Kakadia


I liked the course very much the course was excellent it was very interesting and exciting to learn fashion designing. The communications between teachers and students are excellent.
Course: Diploma in Fashion Designing
Completion Date:16/04/02

Kashunova Ekterina


Coming to Compufield was target set, with a view to get a full education in Information Technology, which was different from formal education in Agriculture and Administration so I was able to be exposed to all technologies available. The teachers were ready to give as much as I can take. The school has been very supportive encouraging. It is wonderful experience for me.
Course: Dual Diploma in Web Technology and Multimedia
Completion Date:16/04/2002

Bayo ajibade


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