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It was great to learn in compufield because it has good Environment, Area, Faculty. The course was completed in given time. But the lab is not properly managed, people disturbs during session that effect concentration of both faculty and students. Lab should be bigger and better.
Courses : CCNA
Completion Date : 14/02/07

Mustafa Nomani


It has been a great, unique and unforgetable experience studying at compufield. Compufield was surely right choice for students who want study programming and web technology, thanks to Mr.Khairaz teachers were friendly, co-operative and very professional. My thank to all compufield Instructors and staffs specially Mr.Faiyaz..
Courses : C, C++, PHP and MySQL
Completion Date : 14/02/07

Naji Mohamed


Well, I most coment on my study in compufield that is indeed great to study here in mumbai. I have learn alot in compufield base on my study, most specially that has to do with pratical work and a lot of computer work. Finally, I recommend compufield to the world of learning and great achivement.
Courses : E.Commerce
Completion Date : 14/02/07

Moses Muyiwa Ogundele


Faiyaz took me on this course and i must say he is my guru because he gave me answers to questions i have been asking myself for many years. Generally Faiyaz is a very person but the little time he spent with me i learnt alot and i feel i should have him teach me more.
Courses : C, C++, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Java, Database
Completion Date : 25/03/07

Arthur Ekanda


The literates of today are computer literates, Compufield has contributed for the computer literarates and helping designing the future. Compufield... keep It Up.
Courses : Web Designing / Mutimedia
Completion Date : 23/04/07

Mgbodom Sunday


We have got good IP Knowledge in MCSE & PC Assembling and this learning environment have improved our learning knowledge.Our leaders have very excellent in knowledge and in friendly relationship.
Courses : MCSE & PC Assembling
Completion Date : 28/07/07


(Sri Lanka)

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