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For someone like me who is absolutely new to hardware and networking course has turned out to be useful and informative .
Course:Hardware and Networking
Completion Date: 20/03/2002

Venkata S. Vadlamani


:We are happy that in three day Course we can learn how to assemble the computer ourselves .The time which we spent one hour for each lecture for one or two month can be saved as we are busy in our day to day operation of our business. It is best for business people who don't have time everyday but can do it by taking this type of intensive training Course
Completion Date: 25/03/2002

Rajesh Meghani


In my opinion everything is well in its place faculty and administration is good. Teachers are humble and nice. They show their concern in teaching work environment is nice. Suitable practice time is given. I would like to come here again to learn something.
Completion Date: 05/04/2002

Sweekriti Singh


It was excellent to know that we can assemble a computer and the instructor was too good and open. We got full knowledge from top to bottom of the P.C Now we can at least know that what's happening if something goes wrong with our P.C.
Completion Date: 25/03/2002

Nicky L Valechha


Before coming to Compufield my knowledge on AUTOCAD and 3d rendering was very limited .Now after going through the courses on AUTOCAD and 3d max, I have full confidence on the subject and trust the knowledge gathered during the course will be utilized in my professional field.The course prepared by Compufield is very practical during this limited period and the method of teaching with a very low teacher student ratio is the most advantageous aspect for the students.
Course: Diploma in Interior Designing
Completion Date: 30/03/2002

Prosanta Borthakur


The Course has been very useful to me in my professional life and teaching at Compufield has been very excellent. The staff gave 100% co-operation even though I was one of the most irregular students .The course was taught well since half way through the course I confidently started using it. The faculty was very helpful and it was fun learning at Compufield.
Course: 3D Animation
Completion Date: 30/03/02

Rupal Shah


I am Charles Dias I came from Goa to do my Multimedia and Web designing course. I have learned lots of new things in Compufield and the way they teach it was really good. I have never seen this kind of Institute in my life. The staff was really good they helped me alot in my software projects and I have confidence that I can work anywhere. Thank you very much Compufield.
Course:Dual Diploma in Multimedia and Web Technology.
Completion Date: 30/03/02

Charles Dias


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