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This course at Compufield give me the right direction to enhance my knowledge in web designing. Again the project done after each session is like a complete test on the awareness of the subjects + your creativity. What is commendable is that the faculty at Compufield was very co-operative in helping whenever the need arise.
Courses : Diploma in Web Designing
Completion Date : 13/09/2001

Foram Sheth


I did the DTP course which included Pagemaker, Photoshop and Quark Express. I also took the Hardware course. All of the staff and instructors were very helpful and the lessons were very informative. The hardware course was very helpful in letting me understand the internal workings of a computer and I am sure I can now upgrade and maintain my system. The Khairaz family were very helpful and overall the school gave me an enlightening experience. I would recommend Compufield to anyone looking to upgrade their skills.
Courses : Hardware, Web Designing
Completion Date : 13/06/2001

Maurice Merrigan


Compufield is well-organised and has a very good and Co-operative staff. I have gain a lot of experiance and lot of information while doing the course. Compufield is a really nice institute to learn and more to good because we get to work a project which helps in to know the subject better. It has been a real nice experience to learn and be a part of Compufield.
Courses : Diploma in Web Designing & Digital Marketing
Completion Date : 29/5/2001

Deepali Shaparia


Compufield is all organised and has a very friendly staff. For what I came here was to learn Javascript and I learn't it well and have achieved my goal.
Courses : Javascript
Completion Date : 25/07/2001

Rahul Jhaveri


Compufield is one of the good institute which I have gone for studying. Compufield has good staff. All the staff members are really helpful, friendly and kind to every one. In further learning the computer I would like to join Compufield.
Courses : Diploma in Jewellery Designing.
Completion Date : 26/07/2001

Dhwani Mehta


I enjoyed my training in Compufield because they have highly qualified instructors. 100% practical training. Communication between students and faculty is excellent. I am very thankful to administration and all the staff. I like to refer my friends and relatives to build their career and future in Compufield. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Mr & Mrs Khairaz and family. Hope them great success in future.
Courses : Diploma in Multimedia, Video Editing & Web Designing.
Completion Date : 12/08/2001

Mehboob Mohamed Ashak Hussein


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