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Well compufield has been very good to me.Despite the trouble i had comming down but it has been fun studing here.All thanks and appreciation goes to Mr & Mrs. Khairaz for the support giving me. They still have more work to do but in all i recommand compufied to everyone and i hope to come back and furnish my studies with them.
Courses : A+, MCSE2000
Completion Date : 14/06/2004

Akinseye Olnsegun Kayode

The course is very good, helpful and intersting. Just makes you more independent as far as assembling your own pc is covered
Courses : Hardware Assembling
Completion Date : 27/06/2004

Vishaal Mehta

The practical aspect of the course appealed to me and the hands on experiance was good. Also, all theoritical were well explained. However, it would also be logical if you could include hardware aspects of keybord,mouse,printer etc and more theory.
Courses : Hardware
Completion Date : 27/06/2004

Deepa Madaswamy

Very good learning enviornment never felt the stress; best co-operation of staff. Hope to come back for more.
Courses : A+, Hardware
Completion Date : 26/05/2004

Aslam Ishaque Bhatkar

COMPUFIELD has very patient instructors. They are very helpful & take great interest in the students. The institute is a great place to update computer skills & learn 3D studio, photoshop, pagemaker & autocad. I highly recommend it. I intend to join in the future as is required.
Courses : Architectural Design
Completion Date : 15/11/2003

Brinda Mehta


Teachers have been helpful & encouraging in finishing & solving all the difficulties of the project when necessary. These courses have helped me in doing my projects more confidently. I recommended to all COMPUFIELD.
Courses : Diploma in Interior Designing
Completion Date : 10/12/2003

Anushree Dalal


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