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When I first joined the course I felt that it will be similar to other computer classes I have seen earlier but I was wrong there I got plenty of space with ample of working time. Help from the instructor and guidance.
Course:Digital Art (Creative Couses)
Completion Date: 15-04-2009

Hareish Pania


I Highly value the personalized one-on-one teaching, I got at compufield I feel like I benefitted a lot from it, rather than going to general class. Thank you very much.
Course:Adobe Illustrator (Creative Courses)
Completion Date: 12-06-2009

Sharnita Nandwana


This course is very important for a fashion designer and I have learned a lot from this.
Course: Corel Draw+Photoshop (Creative Courses)
Completion Date: 29/05/02

Shaikh Rummana


Sabiya she is the best teacher, I had lots of fun doing the course, It taught me alot and I am sure of comming back here in the future.
Course: Photoshop (Creative Courses)
Completion Date: 22-08-09

Aasha Singh


It’s a great institute one of the best in India to increase your knowledge in computer
Course: Diploma in commercial art (Creative Couses)
Completion Date: 15-11-2009

Indira Perira


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