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I am enjoying compufield and the teacher were very helpful and am happy with what training they give me
Course: office Automation
Completion Date: 16-05-2009

Geeta Bariyan


: There are very helpful teacher and loving. And I like learning computer in compufield .because they were very friendly to us I enjoyed learning computer
Course:office Automation
Completion Date:16-05-2009

Prajay Panak


I was very happy to came your institute. This offered a friendly and encouraging environment. I observed lot of co-operation and willingness to teach your teacher well trained and gentle. Though there were many students they were able to give full attention
Course: office Automation
Completion Date: 25-07-2009

Sister Melissa Fernandes


I enjoyed learning in this institute as I was made feel at home by the friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and dedicated staff that fulfilled my expectation.
office Automation
Completion Date: 08-04-2009

Jonily Fernandes


Excellent tutor is sudha-friendly and good atmosphere. Thank you!
Course: office Automation
Completion Date:10-07-2009

Phyllis Ferreira


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